Small grey bunny with blue eyes sitting in the grass

Rabbit Services

In recent years, rabbits have become more and more popular among animal lovers. And we can see why – they are super adorable! But, please be advised that rabbits are not “low-maintenance” pets. They require attention just like their more “traditional” contemporaries like dogs and cats. At AMC, we have many services available for bunnies rabbits. To learn more, simply call us and one of our Client Care Representatives will be happy to help you with your inquiry.

What should I feed my pet bunny or rabbit?

It’s important to know that rabbits are herbivores. They feed mainly on fruits, vegetables and fresh hay.

Do rabbits need to be spayed or neutered?

Yes! Aside from preventing unwanted breeding and overpopulation, fixing your rabbit can cause many positive health effects such as a longer life span and less likelihood of developing many kinds of cancers and infections.

How much do rabbit treatments cost?

For our latest service rates, please speak with us directly at 902.564.8356 (Sydney location) or 902.849.3725 (Reserve Mines location).