Behavioural Counselling

Helping you discover the root cause of your pet's unwanted behaviours.

Whether they are young or old, well-behaved or a bit rowdy, all pets and their loving human families can benefit from behavioural counselling. Here at Animal Medical Centre, we can provide you with the right skills and know-how to ensure that your pet stays on their best behaviour. We can help you spend more time enjoying your furry friend’s company, instead of stressing out about it. Call us at 902-564-8356 to schedule your behavioural consultation today and to find out more about how we can help you and your pet.

Does my pet need behavioural counselling?

What we often say to pet parents is that if they see their pet’s behaviour is negatively affecting their daily routine, putting other animals and humans in danger or any kind of discomfort (including the pet in question) then it may be time for them to come in for behavioural counselling.

How can behavioural counselling help my pet?

When you consult with medically trained professionals like those in our team, you can ensure that you will receive advice and tips based on proven scientific work. Instead of looking online or listening to random anecdotes, our team can help you form a treatment plan catered specifically to your unique situation. Our behavioural counselling techniques will provide you with the skills to deal with your pet’s current issues as well as any future problems that may arise in the future.

What happens at the initial pet behavioural counselling meeting?

Like with most consultations here at AMC, the meeting begins with a general wellness exam of your pet. Then, you will have a detailed conversation with our team to discuss the specific problems you are experiencing in terms of your pet’s behaviour. After this, we will create a therapy plan for your pet, and we will show you exactly what you can do to alter your pet’s behaviour. When it comes to behaviour issues, multiple consultations and treatment tweaks may be needed until we arrive at the desired results.

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