Deworming Services for Pets

Routine treatment to flush out intestinal worms that are a threat to your loyal companion’s health.

Did you know that although internal parasites are small in size, they can cause life-threatening complications and transmit dangerous diseases to your pet?! For this reason, your pet needs to undergo regular deworming treatments and our team here at AMC can help you decide which formulations and schedules are best suited for your pet’s unique health condition, lifestyle and environment. Please call us to schedule their next consultation, so that they have the utmost protection all the time.

What is deworming in pets?

You might have already heard that deworming can be performed in people. When it comes to pets, deworming is a medical procedure where drugs are given to the patient to boost their immunity against, or to rid them of tapeworms, roundworms and other similar types of parasites. Deworming medications come in different formulations and forms (e.g. tablets, spot-on treatments, etc.)

How long does it take for deworming to work?

These drugs work a lot faster than you think. They can kill worms inside your pet in a matter of hours. They work in different ways. Some break apart the worms, while others kill them off but do not destroy them (in fact, you may be able to see them in your pet’s stool after treatment!).

How do I know if my pet has worms?

Softer than a usual stool, foul odour to the stool, irritation around the rectum, or dragging of their rear are some of the most obvious signs that your pet may have worms. Be that as may, a worm infestation may have little to no symptoms especially in the early stages or if the infestation is not that severe. This is why taking your pet in to see us for regular wellness appointments is absolutely necessary so that they can be screened not only for worms but other health problems that have no obvious signs.

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