Nutrition Counselling

Tailored guidance and support optimizing a pet’s overall well-being through proper dietary choices.

The saying “you are what you eat” can also be applied to your furry family members. In fact, their dietary needs can actually be a lot more complicated than ours. Dogs, cats and other pets have specific nutritional needs depending on their age, breed, lifestyle, environment and many other factors. We know that standing in the pet food aisle or browsing online can be overwhelming – there are simply too many options out there! Our team is here to help you navigate all the brands and formulations out there so that you can choose the best option for your pet. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about our nutritional counselling services for pets.

What happens during a nutritional consultation for pets?

It helps to look at our team as your pet’s very own coaches and dieticians. The nutritional consultation often begins with a full wellness exam, followed by a detailed conversation between you and your pet’s veterinarian. Then, a personalized plan will be created with details on brands, serving sizes, feeding schedules and the possibility of supplements or prescription diets that you can implement into your pet’s routine.

Can I feed my pet human food?

Technically, yes. That being said we ask that you take extra care when feeding your pet food that is not specifically formulated for them. Although some human foods like carrots, bananas, chicken and fish are safe for pets to eat, there are also many more that can cause allergic reactions, irritable bowel movements and even death. Please call us if ever you are unsure about what you are feeding your pet.

What are some foods that I should avoid giving to my pet?

Chocolate, grapes, alcohol, onions, garlic, nuts, and bones are largely unsafe for dogs to eat. For your feline companion, bread, dog food, onions, garlic and chocolate are big no-nos.

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