Surgical Services

We prioritize your pet's comfort and care from surgery to recovery.

For animals, surgery is actually a common and routine part of their life. Routine procedures like spays, neuters and dental extractions are performed on most pets here in North America. Believe it or not, foreign body removals of objects that pets swallow is one of the most common procedures performed by teams like ours here at AMC. As a full-service veterinary centre, we have the facilities to perform all of the major kinds of surgeries that pets require. For more details on our surgical services, simply call us at 902-564-8356.

What kinds of surgeries does your veterinary team provide?

Here at AMC, our veterinarians perform surgery 5 times a week in our location at Sydney River and 4 times a week in our Reserve location. We perform many different surgeries including routine spays and neuters, lump removals and dental procedures. We also do emergency surgeries, including foreign body removals, Caesarian sections, cystostomies and laceration repair. Along with these surgeries, some of our doctors perform orthopedic surgical procedures like amputations, luxating patellas and Cranial Cruciate Ligament repair

What should I do to prepare my dog/ my cat for surgery?

We understand how worried you may be about the idea of your pet “going under the knife”. That being said, know that your furry family member is in good hands. One of the ways that you can ease your worries is by focusing on the things that you have to do to prepare your pet for surgery. Although each procedure and case will require different precautions, there are some general steps that have to be taken. First, we usually require your pet to be fasted (no food or water) after 10 pm the night before their surgery. If you have any questions about the surgery you can discuss it with one of our Client Care Representatives when they give you a reminder call the day before your pet’s surgery.

How long can pet surgeries take? What should I expect on the day of my pet’s surgery?

Generally speaking, most surgeries are about 2 to 4 hours in length from start to finish. We admit our surgery patients between 8:00 am to 8:30 am. When you arrive, our Client Care Representatives or Technicians will welcome you and your pet and they will get an accurate weight to calculate the dose of anesthetic needed for your pet (heavier patients will need a larger dose). They will go over the required paperwork and get you to sign a consent to perform the surgical procedure. After giving a kiss and a hug goodbye, we will take your pet out to the surgical room and have the veterinarian perform the surgery. Your pet will recover in a warm kennel, snuggled in a blanket, and will go home between 3:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

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