Ultrasound and X-ray

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Aside from bloodwork and visual/physical exams, here at AMC we offer full service, in house digital radiographs that provide excellent quality diagnostics with minimal exposure to radiation or other harmful elements. For more specialized or complicated cases, we can also refer radiographs to a certified radiologist at any time. If you think that your pet may benefit from some diagnostics, or if you wish to learn more about our ultrasound, x-ray and other scans here at the practice, please simply call us for further information and to schedule your next consultation.

How do you use X-ray and radiology services at your hospital?

X-rays are also called radiographs. These are non-invasive tools that help veterinarians diagnose diseases (e.g. arthritis, pneumonia), examine abnormalities, identify any bone fractures and many more.
Ultrasounds are usually used after X-rays. As the name suggests, these tools use sound beams to detect diseases or abnormalities that may not be identifiable with X-rays. Ultrasounds may be used to detect cysts or abnormalities in your pet’s internal organs.

How much does an X-ray exam cost?

The fee for radiographs depends on how many scans are required and if your pet needs sedation. Sedation may be needed to provide quality radiographs for the veterinarian to diagnose any abnormalities. During your exam with the veterinarian an estimate of fees will be provided.

Will my pet need anesthesia or sedation during the X-ray?

It truly depends. For example, if the pet is very calm, and the area that needs to be scanned is easy to reach, then they may not need to be sedated. More often than not though, we sedate our patients for their own comfort – especially if they need to be placed in an awkward position to scan the area of concern properly. This allows us to get the most accurate scans. Most of the time, even the most relaxed pets cannot stay still long enough for the procedure to be done correctly.

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