Small rodent in excercise

Pocket Pets Services

They may be miniature, but pocket pets certainly give their pet parents a lot of love! From guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas and hamsters, our team here at AMC has seen and treated them all. Just because they are small, does not mean that these pets require less care. They still need constant medical attention so that they can stay healthy and disease-free. To schedule your miniature friend’s appointment, please call us at 902.564.8356 (Sydney location) or 902.849.3725 (Reserve Mines location).

Are pocket pets easier to take care of compared with dogs or cats?

Nope! Smaller pets have just as much dietary, environmental, and other requirements as their larger counterparts. For this reason, please speak with us first and do ample amounts of research so that you are fully aware and prepared for all the effort needed to care for a pocket pet.

How long do pocket pets live?

It depends. For example, hamsters usually live for only three years. Parrots on the other hand, have been known to even outlive their owners – they can live up to 80 years!

Can people be allergic to pocket pets?

Definitely. If you or anyone in your home has asthma, we strongly advise against getting pocket pets that have long or shedding fur. Some of the safer pocket pets, in terms of allergies, are parakeets and canaries.